MIT Technology Review named D-Wave to its Top 50 Smartest Companies list

We’re ranked #40. I suppose 40th is OK. Although of course we should be #1. Maybe next time.

The article is online here and it will be in the hardcopy magazine on March 4.

13 thoughts on “MIT Technology Review named D-Wave to its Top 50 Smartest Companies list

  1. World knows that how hard it was to Thomas Edison to explain about his invention of Tape-recorder. Physics world was telling that it is impossible to store Sound. somebody told that a Man was hiding behind the steam and was just mimicking… and more…..

    today University of California, Berkeley has seminar of How ““ Quantum ” is the D-wave Machine?”.

    No doubt, Thomas Edison and DWave must be winning.

    • Hi Henning! I’m not patient at all — I find the pace of hardware advancement (releases each 3 months) difficult to deal with. I would be overjoyed if we could find a way to reduce this cycle time.

      I don’t have a problem with Scott — people who have the guts to put their name on what they believe are all right with me. Of course, he can be irritating. But he’s also a funny guy who’s always good for a pithy quote or five. I think he’s pretty funny anyway.

      • Being a software guy I can certainly sympathize with how frustrating a hardware design cycle must be, I already get irritated when re-compiling takes too long.

        Only had some tangential involvement with hardware design many years ago when evaluating learning algorithms for a ‘simple’ feed-forward neural network ASIC. The guy who was coding the VLSI and executed the run-time simulations must have lost several years of his life over this, I think in the end he slept in the lab. He was just terrified of overlooking some subtle issue.

        The ongoing D-Wave sage is absolutely fascinating to follow and clearly gains from such a colorful character as Scott. When he gets in on the act it’s time to pass the popcorn.

        Very much respect his intellect and also enjoy his sense of humor. Obviously, I very much disagree with him when it comes to evaluating what your technology has to offer, but it’s great to have somebody as witty and prone to hyperbole to engage with.

  2. Congrats Dwave! Another well deserved recognition.

    This coming from MIT? Scott would be irritated😉

    Hi Geordie, on your next blog can we get a sneek peek of the 1024 qubit processor? Just wondering what kind of improvements you’re planning next, unless it’s top secret😉


    • Hi Ramsey44! Probably with the new chips we’ll let our customers talk about them. The main improvements we’re aiming for are to reduce the Intrinsic Control Errors (ICE). There is a misconception that the computational scaling seen in the field systems is the scaling of the quantum algorithm, but it isn’t — the observed scaling is dominated by ICE. Reducing control errors will change the scaling of the performance, ultimately down to the point where we see the true scaling of the quantum algorithm (we’re quite a ways away from that right now).

  3. Geordie: Despite a monumental effort by IBM and its two scientists, Smith & Smolin, along with Dr. Vazirani & his student, Mr. Shin, to discredit the original paper of Boxio et al. “Quantum annealing with more than one hundred qubits” in DW1, I’m personally absolutely delighted to see it published in Nature Physics, without any significant changes in the original paper submitted to the arxiv!!. This is, of course, after undergoing a very rigorous, seven-month peer-review process. This must have chagrinned the people who tried to challenge the original study!.

  4. Geordie, just like hockey is considered Canada’s game, this video also shows that Adiabatic Quantum Computing belongs to Canadians (I mean how often do you see a lecture on Adiabatic theorem done with a hockey stick😉

    P.S. Sorry, I just have to post this and thanks for the sneek peek on the 1024 qubit.

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